Wiley Library Awards

Libraries today are at the crossroads of knowledge and innovation. They drive lifelong learning, disseminate new information and even foster the growth of key research advancement for the greater good of society. A celebrated publisher for over 460 Nobel Laureates and more than 800 societies across the globe, Wiley recognizes the importance of libraries and librarians. We have therefore proudly established the Wiley Library Awards to celebrate and honor the distinguished individuals and institutions of library information sciences in India.

The Awards aims to

  1. Recognize and honor libraries and librarians for excellence in the field
  2. Encourage innovation & digital transformation efforts in libraries
  3. Pay homage to the library information sciences community that helps promote knowledge to the world

We have expanded the 2019 Awards. This year we will be awarding the following categories:

Wiley Library Award for Government Institutions

Wiley Library Award for Non - Government Institutions

Wiley Library Award for Research Institutions

Wiley Library Award for Special Category

Don't miss the opportunity, 2019 nominations are open till October 31, 2019.

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